Who are we ?

We are a software consultancy agency, held by Marko Mačkić.

We respect time, and we require that in return!

We deliver what's agreed or we don't charge!

We believe in meritocracy!

What are our interests ?

To make the software we want.

To deliver the software you need.

To escape the bureaucracy.

What tech is in our arsenal ?

First off, we don't choose much, we like to be challenged with the stuff we don't know, but as time is crucial in business, we have some areas of expertise where we can 'jump in' faster. We're good at APIs, real time applications, and tools engineering.


What is the process of working on demand ?

State your problem, we state our solution, we deliver, you pay for our time.

What is the process of working long term ?

Same no bullshit metodology as working on demand.

What are the fees ?

Depending on the nature of our cooperation prices can be fixed or variable.

Variable fees are in the range of 60-150 USD per hour.

How to get in touch ?

If you find your self in this presentation and if you're interested in cooperation with us in any way, please send a mail to marko@dsoc.dev ( pubkey marko_dsoc.asc ), and we will schedule a meeting as soon as possible. Also you can send a message (Viber/WhatsUp/Telegram) to +38766096230.

Let's build better, let's build together! (cliche, but a valid one)

For extra lazy people, here is the contact form, state how you wanna be replied in text ( your phone, your mail ,..):

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